The core language taught at St Saviour’s Academy is French. Our French curriculum is designed to ensure that all four skills (Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening) are covered in every unit and opportunities to practise these skills are evident across key stage 2. The curriculum is built so it ensures children know, remember and understand more French as they progress through the school and become more confident and independent in doing so. We aim to stimulate curiosity and understanding of the world by providing opportunity for children to learn French and other languages, thus developing their awareness of other cultures, countries and communities where the language is spoken. We hope that, by learning a language, our children will be inspired to learn further languages thereby equipping them with the means to widen their horizons at school, higher education and their futures.

Children experience MFL through

· Class discussion

· Role play

· Discussion

· Videos

· Drama

· After School Club

· Music

· Art

· Written work

· Visits/visitors in school

· Online research/learning

· Links with the High School


MFL is assessed by

· Pupil interviews

· Conversation and Discussion

· Examples of children’s work in books